The South Barrington Blue Owls organization is open to players from any Illinois school district. The doors to our South Barrington home is open to players that want to join the Blue Owls tradition. Our organization offers representation, instruction, training, and competition at all levels of athletic competition including travel sports, amateur competition, and professional sports.

Our organization is committed to athletics, community, and education. Join our tradition today!

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The South Barrington Blue Owls offers representation, instruction, training, and competition at all levels of athletic competition including travel sports, amateur competition, and professional sports.

The South Barrington Blue Owls participate in diverse environments to meet the needs of players at all levels. Our instructional environments are primarily focused on mechanics and physical conditioning. Our highly competitive programs are focused on mechanics, physical and mental conditioning, training, representation including scholarships and professional recruitment, and winning.

Blue Owls Travel Baseball Tryouts

August 6th and 7th at Marvin Dunteman Park, South Barrington

Blue Owls Travel Baseball is available for players U9 through U12. Players are welcome from any Illinois northwest suburb.

Tryouts for the Fall 2018/ and the Spring 2019 Seasons for Travel Baseball will be held Monday August 6th and Tuesday 7th at Marvin Dunteman Park, South Barrington.

The Blue Owls will be fielding multiple travel teams per age level for each season. (Team formation is dependent on qualified interest and available volunteer coaches.)

Youth Baseball

August 6th Tryouts:
11U, 12U - 6 to 8pm

August 7th Tryouts:
9U, 10U - 6 to 8pm

U9 - Must be 9 years old or younger, may not turn 10 before May 1, 2019

U10 - Must be 10 years old or younger, may not turn 11 before May 1, 2019

U11 - Must be 11 years old or younger, may not turn 12 before May 1, 2019

U12 - Must be 12 years old or younger, may not turn 13 before May 1, 2019

Players should dress for baseball (no shorts are allowed) bring plenty of water, a glove, a bat and a helmet.


* Players Name
* Players Address
* Players City
* Players State
* Players Zip
* Height
* Weight
* DOB (mm/dd/yyyy)
* Grade
Teams Signing up for
Fall 2018 Spring 2019
Select the age group in which the player plans to tryout
Position Preference 1
Position Preference 2
Position Preference 3
Will you be playing on any other sports in the fall of 2018 (August-October)? Please List:
Will you be playing on any other sports in the Spring of 2019 (April-July)? Please List:


* Names
* Main Email
Mother Cell #
Mother Email
Father Cell #
Father Email
Are you interested in Coaching a 2018/2019 Travel team?

Emergency Contacts (other than parents)

Name 1
Phone 1
Name 2
Phone 2

Credit Card Information

* Card Holder Name
* Type
* Number
* Security Code
* Exp Month
* Exp Year
* Card Zip Code
* The fee to tryout is only $25.00.

* Interested participants should arrive at their designated field at least 15 minutes prior to tryouts for check in and warm up. Participants must be in a complete baseball uniform including cleats, protective devices, glove and bat.

* Volunteer coaches can draft 2 players

* If selected to a Blue Owl team you will be eligible to participate in our college scholarship award selection process. Selection criteria will be entered upon registration with our third party administrator.
Blue Owls Baseball
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Team Snap Blue Owls

We are adding you to our Team Snap page. This app can be downloaded on your phone. Please do so as our entire schedule is there.

Blue Owls Baseball

South Barrington Blue Owls 10U

South Barrington Blue Owls Players


3 Vito C.
1 Charlie P.
29 Saul R.

First Base

9 Dylan I.
10 Owen M.
1 Charlie P.
34 Jackson T.

Second Base

22 Caden D.
8 Joey D.
29 Saul R.
34 Jackson T.

Third Base

17 Lukas L.
00 Gabe S.
12 Ethan S.
34 Jackson T.


42 Quinn B.
4 Lucas B.
34 Joey L.
34 Jackson T.

Left Field

12 Ethan S.
8 Joey D.
34 Joey L.
17 Lucas L.

Center Field

34 Jackson T.
9 Dylan I.
22 Caden D.
29 Saul R.
42 Quinn B.
4 Lucas B.
34 Joey L.

Right Field

00 Gabe S.
34 Jackson T.
1 Charlie P.
10 Owen M.
4 Lucas L.

Blue Owls Wisdom Scholarship
Why do I have to obtain permission before continuing?
You have indicated that you are under the age of 13. Federal regulations require that your parent must give permission for you to enter your personal information.

I have a sibling who is also on the Blue Owls traveling team, can we use the same email address to register?
No, each member of a traveling team will need to have a separate email address and registration form.

When will I be eligible to apply for the scholarship program?
Your scholarship application will be available to you when you have reached your senior year of high school. In the case of participants “playing up”, the application will be available to you when the class you are playing with reaches their senior year. If awarded the scholarship. ISTS will hold your scholarship for you until you have graduated high school and are ready to attend college.

Current eligibility criteria include:

> Be a graduating High School Senior or a participant that is “playing up”
> Participate at least three (3) consecutive years with the Blue Owl organization**
> Register and update your registration profile with ISTS on a yearly basis
> Show stellar community involvement
> Keep successful academic performance

**Players with more than three (3) consecutive years will have an advantage based on their athletic commitment.

Do I have to fill out a new registration form each year?
No, ISTS will reach out to you each year to complete a renewal registration to update your contact information and participation details.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the registration process? You can email us.

How do I fill out a registration form for the Blue Owls Wisdom Scholarship Program?
You must complete a registration application here with current contact and program information.

Once you have registered with ISTS, you will be taken to the Blue Owls Registration Form. You will need to provide the following information in order for the form to be complete:

  • > Participant Information
  • > Parent/Guardian Information
  • > High School and Sport Participation Information

Blue Owls Baseball - Marvin Dunteman Park
Field Conditions
Baseball Ready!

Blue Owls Baseball - Marvin Dunteman Park

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Submit this form to have a Sponsorship Account Manager contact you to discuss the benefits of being a Corporate Sponsor for the South Barrington Blue Owls, and to know where your money goes!

For more information on becoming a sponsor, contact us:

Ph: 847-584-5890
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Blue Owls Baseball
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South Barrington Blue Owls Decal Stickers
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Blue Owls Baseball
As part of being a Blue Owl we expect all members of our organization to be a part of our community. We do so by giving back with our time and charitable efforts to support a variety of causes. Please let us know if you have a volunteer opportunity that our players can be a part of in order to make our community a better place.

The Blue Owls support The Sports Shed organization.

The Sports Shed makes it possible for kids to have positive alternatives to gangs, violence and drugs through organized sports. They provide quality sports equipment to schools and other athletic programs in under-resourced communities.

The Blue Owls will be showing our support by holding a used equipment collection drive to benefit The Sports Shed during our tryouts. Please consider donating your gently used equipment to help this worthy cause. Thanks!

The Sports Shed

Blue Owls Baseball Philanthropy 2108 Jelly Belly Days fundraiser for Clearbrook Center (a home for individuals with mental and physical challenges)
South Barrington Blue Owls
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South Barrington, IL 60010

Ph: 847-584-5890
Fax: 847-584-5891

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Blue Owls Baseball